Geocaching is a cross-curricular activity that educators, leaders, and facilitators are incorporating into their programs. This page provides resources for those interested in teaching geocaching in a classroom, camp, or event.


Videos about geocaching

Watch educational videos on the Geocaching YouTube channel including Finding a GeocacheGeocaching Etiquette, and Hiding a Geocache

Geocaching & Education Forums 

Learn the ins and outs of geocaching & education from other pros in the Geocaching and Education Forums. 

Geocaching 101 presentation

Use this introductory presentation to teach new groups about geocaching.

Geocaching posters

Print posters and display at your booth or 101 event. Available in several languages.

Geocaching brochure

Print brochures and distribute at your booth or 101 event. Available in several languages. 

Additional resources

  • Learn tips from teachers using geocaching in the classroom and geocaching parents on the blog.
  • Visit the Geocaching Help Center to answer all game related questions. 
  • Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by filling out this form.